Moisture & Moisture Collagen Care using Lifting Machine (HIFU)

Stimulating collagen production in the skin SMAS layer, which lies between the subcutaneous fat layer and the muscle layer, the treatment helps to reduce wrinkles and has a lifting effect on the skin. High intensity ultrasonic energy is used and enters deeps inside the skin, improving skin elasticity without surgery. It is a program that manages both skin moisture and collagen using BALSAM products that activates Aquaporin.


When should I do H2O BALSAM, and what skin type is it suitable for? 


Personalised Effect by Skin Type


It is suitable for individuals who wants to:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce wrinkles around eye and nasolabial folds area
  • Have face lifting
  • Improve skin moisture and skin elasticity

It is also suitable for individuals who have very dry skin, dry acne skin, or acne scars. 


Reduced skin elasticity: Using beauty device to stimulate the SMAS layer, with moisture collagen management to improve skin elasticity

Dry acne: Control sebum secretion by normalizing oil / moisture balance through hydration

Aging skin: Slows aging through moisture retention

Very dry skin: Treatment of dry skin though constant replenishment of moisture

Treatment Steps:


Cleansing -> Deep Cleansing -> Extraction -> Ampoule -> Face Massage -> Injector Poration -> HIFU Face Lifting -> Balsam Mask -> Decollete Machine -> Cream Application (based on individual skin type)