Protein intensive delivery using PDT method

Peptide motif consisting of 5-30 amino acids provides a system that allows easy penetration of large water molecules into the skin, providing maximum nutrition to the skin within a short period time to heal and repair damaged skin. 

This treatment consists of highly active Squalane and peptide ingredients, which helps to restore and supply moisture & nutrients to balance bio-energy, provides antioxidant activity, moisturises the skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


When should I do CELL REGENERATION TREATMENT, and what skin type is it suitable for?

Personalised Effect by Skin Type


It is suitable for individuals with:

  • skin malnutrition
  • dull skin 
  • loss of skin elasticity
  • acne scars
  • large pores
  • nodular acne skin


Nodular acne: sebum, waste & inflammatory discharge, pore shrinkage

Aging skin: Reduces fine lines, instant firming, improve skin elasticity

Sensitive skin: Relieve redness immediately, maximize skin self-sufficiency

MTS, dermabrasion skin: Synergy effect of MTS and dermabrasion, with maximized nutrition supply in a short time



Treatment Steps :

Cleansing -> Peeling -> Ampoule -> Procle Device (cooling/calming) -> Lymph Face Massage -> Popen Device (Blood circulation/anti-inflammatory) -> Balsam Mask -> Decollete Machine -> Cream Application (based on individual skin type)