The Professional Skin Solution

This is our promise from CIVASAN Laboratories, for your healthier skin. Based on young reliability and high vision, we are set to maintain healthy skin for our customers.
CIVASAN Laboratories works with superior know-how to provide an innovative skin solution for a better quality of life.

Korea’s Number 1 Beauty Skin Solution Product

One of the top, premium and famous Cosmeceutical (Cosmetics + Pharmaceuticals) Specialty Solution company, CIVASAN KOREA, specializes in improving problematic skin.

Conventional cosmetics that tackle one skin problem with a single product is a thing of the past, CIVASAN LABORATORIES is now integrating CPD systems into cosmetics as an innovative way to improve several skin conditions at once.

Expert Scalp and Skin Specialists

Our beauticians are trained professionals and skilled specialists in the field of scalp and skin care. They develop high standard techniques for treatment of skin surface, and Civasan Academy provides practical education and basic knowledge regarding epidermis (skin surface) regeneration.